Fish is good for you

Experts have concluded that a healthy diet includes eating (preferably oily) fish twice a week: that means that a lot of people should be eating fish more often.

It is a well-known fact that eating more fish and less meat reduces the likelihood of heart and vascular diseases. Current fish consumption in the Netherlands is approximately 70 grams a week per capita, which is not even half of the amount recommended by nutritional experts. So more fish has to be consumed!

A delicious shrimp cocktail, a nourishing fish soup, fried prawns or a toast with mackerel … Fish is so versatile! If it is so healthy and easy to prepare, why not put seafood on the menu? Some of the shrimp recipes in our 'Shrimp recipes' column will definitely help you on your way to putting fish, shellfish and crustaceans on the menu.